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Edition #2

3rd-4th March 2018

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This is the second edition of infO(1) CUP, an international online competitive programming competition organised by the Prahova County's Centre of Excellence, Romania.

Every participant from the official rounds will receive a certificate of participation. Also, any participant of the online mirror is able to request a certificate of participation through our email.
Certificates & medals distribution

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How to participate?

This online competition is based on 2 invitation-only rounds and their online mirrors:

  1. The National Round which will take place on 3rd March 2018 and is directed only at the Romanian students schooled by the the Centres of Excellence throughout the country.
  2. The International Round which will take place on 4th March 2018 and is additionally avaiable for the international invited teams.
  • The online mirrors of the two rounds have open registration and you can take in any 5-hours frame for a couple of days after the contest (usaco system).

  • For any questions concerning infO(1) CUP or requesting an invite, please contact us at info1cup@gmail.com

    Competition Schedule

    # Date Remaining time
    1 Invitation delivery January 20th 2018
    2 Registration period January 20th - February 15th 2018
    3 Team validation February 15th 2018
    4 Accounts receival February 25th 2018
    5 National Round March 3rd 2018 - 9AM (UTC +02:00)
    6 Results of the National Round March 3rd 2018
    7 International Round March 4th 2018 - 10:30AM (UTC +02:00) Starts at time and lasts 5 hours.
    8 Results of the International Round March 4th 2018
    9 Online mirrors 2 hours after the International Round (March 4th 2018) TBA
    10 Results of the Online mirrors The results will be updated live
    11 Awarding ceremony March 22th 2018 16.00 PM (UTC +02.00)


    The invitations were sent

    We are happy to inform you that the invitations which will serve as your ticket to this competition have been delivered. In case you have not checked your email yet, you should do so. We kindly await your participation in this project which, hopefully, will turn out to be a success.

    For additional information, contact us at info1cup@gmail.com