Competition Rules

Rules regarding the organizing and unfolding of infO(1) CUP

The ”infO(1) CUP” competitive programming competition is organised by the Prahova County Centre of Excellence, in partnership with "Ion Luca Caragiale " National College.


The main objective of the educational process of the County Centres of Excellence is to support the development of students capable of performance and to enhance their individual capacities to the highest level. The necessity of differentiated schooling has already been successfully implemented in highly developed countries.  This fact has decisively contributed to their sustainable development and economic success through their capacity of producing highly qualified and motivated human resources, with superior intellectual and moral qualities, capable of excelling and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge of scientific research. 

Learning through permanent assessment, using advanced methods and technology, will lead to the formation of young people adaptable to the needs and requirements of the computer science world, which is in continuous progress.

The purpose and objectives of this competition

The main purpose of this project is to offer all students equal chances at participating in a training session in order to achieve high levels of performance in the field of computer science, to stimulate their passion for the subject of informatics and also to promote the youngsters capable of such performances and schooled by the County Centres of Excellence throughout the country.

The starting point was the idea that the stimulation of competitiveness is a strong support for the act of education at its highest standards.

The objectives of the competition are the following:

  • to encourage the children gifted in the field of informatics and the assessment of their knowledge on both theoretical and practical levels, with a view to initiating projects meant to provide them with training according to the degree of performance they have achieved;
  • to stimulate professional collaboration between teachers and students, as the teams enrolled in this competition are coordinated and trained by specialised teachers and the members of the technical teams consist of both teachers and students that pride themselves on numerous and high performances;
  • to provide an exchange of experience between the members and coordinators of the teams belonging to the County Centres of Excellence throughout the country and the ones coming from the invited countries;
  • to promote through mass media both the highly intelligent students who are passionate about informatics and the County Centres of Excellence that managed to obtain outstanding results, with a view to establishing the National Centre of Differentiated Instruction.

Participants in the competition

Only students born on and after January 1st, 2004 can participate. Although the competition itself is performed individually (it consists of tasks carried out individually), the registration is made within a team of maximum 4 students. All of the teams will be able to participate based on an invitation from the Prahova County Centre of Excellence. After the invitation is received, each team will nominally transmit its componence.

Each participating team will be coordinated by an informatics teacher from the same Centre. A teacher may coordinate more teams. A student may not be a member of more than one team.

The teams of the invited countries will consist of maximum 4 students and will also be coordinated by a team leader and/or deputy leader.

The Unfolding Of The Competition

The " infO(1) CUP" competition will unfold according to the following schedule:

  1. Team enrollment, 1st February 2019;
  2. Team validation, 7th February 2019;
  3. Preselection round, February 2019;
  4. The competition itself , which consists of 3 online rounds on the IOI CMS platform:
    • February 14th, 2020 - Practice Session,
    • February 15th, 2020 - the Competition,
    • February 16th, 2020, around 10 O'clock - Closing Ceremony.

    On the day of the competition, the tasks will be handed to the participants in paper format, both in English and their language of choice. The students will upload the source codes corresponding to their own solutions in the announced time limit.

    The registration of the teams shall be done online, on the competition portal. Each contestant will be provided with an account on the competition platform, with which it will participate in the rounds of the competition. The selection of the participating teams is the responsibility of each Centre of Excellence.

    The validation of the registered teams is independent of the registration of teams, and will be done by the technical team.

    The problem set of this competition will consist of 3 to 5 tasks and the amount of time students have in order to solve them will be communicated on the online platform on the day corresponding to each of the competition.


All of the tasks in infO(1) Cup are designed to be algorithmic in nature. Efficiency plays an important role in some tasks. Whenever efficiency of an algorithm is important, test cases will be designed to differentiate between solutions with different levels of efficiency; the smallest test cases will be designed so that any reasonable correct solution for the tasks can solve them within the task constraints. Therefore, it is worthwhile to attempt a task even if the contestant does not know how to solve large test cases within the constraints.

Task Types

Tasks may be of the following types:

Batch tasks : Solutions comprise a single source file of a computer program which reads data from standard input and writes its answer to standard output.

Interactive tasks : Solutions comprise a single source file of a computer program which interacts with an “opponent” program provided by the organizers. The interactive interface may be implemented either by using standard input/output, or by linking modules provided by the contestant and the organizers.

Output-only tasks: The contestants are given input files and they have to produce correct output files by any means available.

Task Limits

For every task other than output-only tasks, the following limits will be enforced on the contestants’ submissions:.

Time limit : A limit on the total processor time the process may consume while solving a given input.

Memory limit : A limit on the total amount of memory the process may have allocated at any moment. Note that this limit includes not only the variables, but also the executable code, global data, the stack, etc. There is no separate limit on the stack size.

Program size limit : No submitted program may exceed 100 kB in size. The size of the compiled program must not exceed 5 MB. Maximum compilation time is 10 seconds.

All task-dependent limits will be announced in the task statements.

The Competition Syllabus And The Accepted Programming Languages

The syllabus of the infO(1) contest is the same as the syllabus of the International Olympiad of Informatics for juniors.

The accepted programming languages are C and C++.

During the competition, students will benefit from either partial or full feedback, depending on the case.

For validation, each proposed task shall contain:

  1. the text of the problem,
  2. a solving algorithm along with its implementation in a source code in the C/C++ language,
  3. a series of input files associated with output files used in the evaluation process.


The solutions will be evaluated using the evaluation system integrated into the infO(1) platform, which is identical to the one used at the International Olympiad of Informatics. This evaluation is automatic, each candidate obtaining a score of 0 to 100 points for each task.

After the evaluation process has ended, the following will be published on the platform: the solutions of the problems, the inputs and outputs used in the evaluation and the official source codes.

The ranking will consist of the final scores obtained by the rightfully participating students in decreasing order. In case of equal scores, the difference will be made by the lexicographically decreasing order of the strings of the scores obtained at each task, in decreasing order. For instance: if a participant has obtained the scores 100, 10, 100, and another one the scores 40, 100, 70, after the sorting process these become: 100, 100, 10 and 100, 70, 40, a case in which the former contestant is placed above the latter one. If the tie remains unbroken, even after applying this criterion, the decision will be made by the board, considering the number of submissions and the moment of their upload.

The maximum number of submissions will be announced on the day of the round.


Given that the contestants are provided with real-time feedback during the rounds, and relying on the regulations adopted by the International Olympiad of Informatics, appeals are not allowed.


The leaderboard will consist of the scores obtained by the rightfully participating students, from high to low.

The contestants placed in the top of the general leaderboards will be awarded with certificates.

The awarding ceremony will also be held live, thus being accessible from the platform.

Final Mentions

The regulations of the competition can be changed annually, depending on the technical modifications that may occur, at the justified proposal of the organisers.

The coordinators of the organizing team and Principal of the Prahova County Centre of Excellence:

  • Teacher Lica Elena Daniela